"We are an association of persons, business and organizations that create local and global support systems that develop sustainable resource based communities", Green Society Association - GSA


Eco-Village Development

The Green Society Association is in the planning stages of developing Green Society Eco-Villages internationally.  Our eco-village system creates a “Green Economic Engine” to its cooperative living members.  By becoming a resident, each individual has their basic needs met including shelter, food, and water. A Green Society Eco-village has businesses within it for the residents to work.  They are encouraged and supported to focus in areas of their greatest interest.Green-Society-Eco-Village.jpg


The 1st priority of each Eco-Village is to provide the highest quality food and water to local communities. Additional priorities include: affordable dome housing, off-grid clean energy, wellness center, organic restaurant, on-site food production, and green education center.


The Green Society Eco-Village offers a wide scope of business opportunities to create economic engines for the community to prosper.  Depending on the location, demographics, budget, and the community members will determine what type of businesses are implemented.

Humanitarian Outreach Programs:

Each Green Society Eco-Village contributes 10% of it's annual profits towards gifting a humanitarian village.  This program gives impoverished people sustainable homes, clean food, and also business opportunites to help them create another thriving community.




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